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The Area

Great Barr and Pheasey
The word barr means a hill or summit in the Celtic language of the people who lived here before the Anglo-Saxons arrived. Magna or Great Barr was part of the manor given by William 1 to William Fitzansculf as Baron of Dudley following the Norman invasion of 1066. The manor was eventually sold to the Scott family in 1618. They built Great Barr Hall and remained there until 1911.

Simon Vesey bought some land in Barr in 1559, but over the years the spelling changed to Pheasey, which is how the estate got its name. George Smith farmed at Pheasey for many years and when he left, the land was sold to the First National Housing Trust.

Building began in 1937. The road names were chosen by the developers and have no local connections. They all commemorate artists, engravers or sculptors, some of them being rather better known than others.

In the 1950's, Park Farm, which was the Home Farm of the Great Barr Estate, was also sold for housing, the development being completed in 1981.

Sir Walter Scott, the novelist, was a visitor to Great Barr Hall and is supposed to have modelled his estate at Abbotsford on the Hall's gardens. This may account for the developer's decision to give some of the Park Farm Estate roads Scottish names. However, the reason for the other names has not been discovered, all we know is that they were accepted by Aldridge U.D.C. in 1954.

Barr Beacon to the north of the Pheasey Estate is a local beauty spot and the highest point of the area. The memorial on top of the Beacon can be seen at the top of the page.

The Church

The Beacon Church "The Beacon Church" is a Local Ecumenical Church comprising of St. Chad's Church (Anglican) and Pheasey Methodist Church.

The church on the left was formally St. Chad's Church but it amalgamated with Pheasey Methodist Church in 1995 to become the Beacon Church. The church is at the heart of the (11,000 population) community.

Pictures of the Church & Area

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General Interest & Activities

Day Time Activity
Sunday10.00 amSunday School (1st & 3rd Sundays)
Monday 9.00 amMothers & Toddlers
10.30 pmBible Study Group
-Girls' Friendly Society
Tuesday9.30 amDay Care Centre
1.00 pmLuncheon Club - open to the community
-Brownies and Guides
7.30 pmFellowship Group - Bible Study, Discussion, Games etc
7.45 pmBrotherhood (Men's Group)
Wednesday-Girls Brigade & Junior Girls Brigade
Thursday9.30 amDay Care Centre
12.00 pmChoir
1.00 pmLunches
6.30 pmWeight Watchers
-Cubs and Scouts
Friday9.30 amDay Care Centre
1.00 pmLunches

Church Leaders

Priest / LeaderName Telephone Number
Methodist MinisterRev'd Helen Jobling0121 240 4767
Church WardensMrs L. Barlow -
Mrs P. Wilson-
Church Office-0121 693 7552
The Church office does not have regular opening times but does have an answerphone.



Day Time Service
Sunday10.00 amHoly Communion (1st & 3rd Sunday)
10.00 amMorning Worship (2nd Sunday)
10.00 amHealing Service (1st Sunday with Eucharist)
10.00 amAll Age Worship (4th Sunday)
6.00 pmHoly Communion (2nd & 4th Sunday)
Tuesday12.30 pmShort Lunch time worship
Fridat12.30 pmHoly Communion (last Friday of the month